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New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz

New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana, in the United States, as well as the main port of the Mississippi River. A strong French and Spanish influence have created a truly European city in the United States, punctuated by African and Latino culture.

New Orleans is located along the Mississippi River, surrounded by the sea and Lake Pontchartrain. Hence, the city is specialized in digging canals and building dikes to protect the area from flooding. Hurricane Katrina has been certainly the most catastrophic natural disaster, which devastated a large area of the city, but its inhabitants have resisted and the city recovers and maintains its everlasting charm.

The city is famous for its music, gastronomy and festivals. Events such as Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and Sugar Bowl makes the city a constant touristic destination.

Above all, talking about New Orleans is to talk about music. Strolling around the streets you will listen to many symphonies from every direction, coming from nightclubs, concert halls, churches and theaters. Music fills the streets. The city is regarded as the cradle of jazz music. However, today the city is home to a variety of styles such as Gospel, Zydeco, Cajun, Latin, R&B, Country, Blues, even Reggae and good Rock n’ Roll. Famous musicians were born in New Orleans such as the trumpeter Louis Armstrong, Marsalis brothers, Harry Connick, Jr., the famous Heavy Metal vocalist Phil Anselmo and the MC Lil Wayne.

You can discover New Orleans in various ways: Take a tour around the French Quarter on a carriage, and visit Jackson Square, Bourbon Street and other emblematic places. Get in a streetcar and travel the line of St. Charles Avenue, where you can admire the fantastic views from Riverbend to French Quarter: the row of spectacular oaks which frame both sides of the road, historical houses and great mansions. You can also enjoy a cruise across the impressive Mississippi aboard a steamboat.

New Orleans is also regarded as the most haunted city of America. Embark on a thrilling night adventure and feel the shudder while you learn about the most famous ghosts in the city and explore the places in French Quarter famous for its paranormal activities. Would you like to visit a real haunted house? You can live this thrilling experience in New Orleans.

The region of plantations of New Orleans is an essential visit. It is a journey back in time to the southern plantations, like a scene from “Gone with the Wind” frozen in time. You can revive in one visit what a Southern sugar cane plantation was really like, with the wealthy families of that time living in their mansions within their plantations and in their houses in the city, alternating the country life with the life of high society in the cities.

We must highlight the superb cuisine of New Orleans, especially around the plantations. A French, Spanish, African, Caribbean influence combine to produce a new and delicious style: cajun and creole cuisine.

New Orleans boasts many activities. Accordingly, this city is a perfect destination to design unique incentive programs.