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Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world

Las Vegas, the largest city in the state of Nevada. It is one of the number one destinations chosen to celebrate exceptional incentive programs thanks to its commercial and leisure areas, but especially due to its casinos and the diversity of activities. Because of all this it is known as ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’ or ‘The Capital of Second Chances’.

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City, due to the popularity of gaming, legalized gambling and the availability of alcoholic beverages at any time of the day. The most famous phrase used by tourist agencies and local government itself is what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas’.

Las Vegas has been the scene of several Hollywood films, plus television shows and events as famous in America as the celebration of Miss Universe in 2010.

Adventures such as quad biking in the desert, flying on zip lines through the famous Fremont Street or enjoying a great show at the world’s top theaters, are just some of the experiences you can have in the city of Las Vegas