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Key West, famous for its beautiful sunsets

Key West is a busy and colorful island in the Straits of Florida at the southernmost tip of Florida Keys. The island is located about 90 miles from Cuba.

Key West has a mild climate and a crystal blue sky. The delicate coral reefs, coconut palms and its lively streets are a tourist trap. Numerous visitors certainly decide to stay in the island. The island is also famous for its water sports. You can dive in tropical crystal waters over the only coral reef in the continental part of the United States, go kayaking across the nearby channels and observe the diversity of birds and fishes. You can also enjoy playing golf, fishing or witnessing its amazing sunsets.

Key West was home of the renowned writer Ernest Hemingway. Walk as he did amongst the famous historic houses and gardens of the city and visit his former home built in 1931.

After sunset, the city changes its rhythm. Streets become full of jugglers, mime artists, street musicians and artists. Cafés, street stalls, legendary pubs and restaurant suddenly become alive.

The exciting neighborhood of Bahama Village is reminiscent of its African cultural inheritance. African migrants from Bahamas founded the neighborhood at the beginning of 1800. Discover historical churches, annual festivals and taste the local food.

We will cycle along the streets to reach Key West lighthouse. Take the afternoon to go shopping in the diverse and electric shops, have a cocktail at sunset or visit the most southerly point in the United States – a pleasure for all the senses.