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Chicago, the city of architecture

Chicago is the city of architecture par excellence. We will visit Willis Tower – the tallest building in the United States – and have a look over the edge of it, in a glass box suspended more than 1000 ft in the sky. These views compete with another incredible 360º view of the city from the John Hancock Observatory which you can enjoy whilst getting your strength back in its restaurant.

Sailing the Chicago River and exploring the architectural wonders of the city, admiring its more than fifty famous buildings and learning about their history and the designers of these icons, are just some of the fantastic activities you can enjoy in Chicago.

No other place in the world has better examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs: visit Lloyd Wright’s house and studio near to the historic district of Oak Park. You’ll get to know Chicago University in the beautiful district of Hyde Park and visit Lloyd Wright’s Robie House building, considered to be one of the most important buildings in American architecture. Also don’t miss Glessner House, a site of national historical interest in the Chicago Loop, where the young Wright got his inspiration: Glessner House was designed by the American architect Henry Hobson Richardson and was a radical alternative to the traditional Victorian architecture of the time.

Explore the prominent Millennium Park, home to the famous “Gateway to the Clouds”, The “Bean” sculpture, the Jay Pritzke Pavillion, Lurie Garden and the Crown Fountain, where water spouts out of its digital faces. Millennium Park is built over a rail yard and train parking lots, making it one of the largest Green Roofs in the world.

Wander around and enjoy Navy Pier, with its varied attractions such as a 150 feet high Ferris wheel, as well as its many restaurants, summer fireworks, cruises and Segway tours.

Chicago has a rich and varied array of cultural activities for you to choose from, such as the Museum of Science and Industry, the Aquarium, the Planetarium, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Feel the dazzling power of Chicago’s fabulous theatrical presentations, being the only city in the country to have five theatre companies awarded the prestigious Tony Awards. Chicago offers unforgettable performances every day of the week.

Music plays a key role in Chicago: Blues, Jazz, and Classical music blend in with its famous Rock Music Festivals.